Fall Face of the Day

Today I wanted to share a makeup look that I tried recently and really fell in love with. I was headed to work, so this is a little bit more makeup than I would wear on a regular day (when I’m just attending classes and doing lab work).  I’ll list the products below, but if you’ve got any questions, please leave them and I’ll answer as best I can.

I really wanted to try a darker lip for the fall, but I just couldn’t find the right colour. I decided the other night to take another look through my collection and see what I had to work with- and came across this beautiful colour from Pür Minerals. It’s such a great gloss! It has fantastic pigmentation and is really comfortable on the lips! It’s not sticky, nor is it drying! You can see it here*!

Unfortunately, this was the only full face picture I got that turned out! (oops! I’m still learning all about my new camera!)
As you can see, I’ve chosen a smokey eye along with a vampy-ish lip.

I used Urban Decay’s Naked 1 palette for this look. Toasted all over the lid and under the bottom lashes, Hustle in the crease and outer V and Virgin on the brow bone. 

Lancôme Blush Subtil in Sheer Amourose, Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder (Transparent), Clarins Instant Definition Mascara (black), Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundation (Ivory 100), Make Up Forever Full Cover Concealor (1), Rimmel London Wake Me Up conceal or (Fair/Light), NYC Liquid Eyeliner (black)
Not pictured: Smashbox Photo finish Foundation Primer, Urban Decay Primer Potion

This was a GWP from Pür Minerals. It’s called Deep Amethyst and is one of their “Pout Plumping Glosses”. It is gorgeous! It is available for sale from their website (please see link above!).

*This is NOT an affiliate link- I just thought I’d find it online for you, and save you the search!

First Impression: Neat and Easy Deep Cleaning Pore Strips

I’m back with a first impressions post today. If you’re not familiar with a first impressions post, it’s simply a post that I write at or around the first time I’ve used a new product. These types of videos are quite popular on YouTube- and I thought it might be interesting on a blog too!
Today I’ve chosen to review these Neat and Easy Deep Cleaning Pore strips. I found them at my local Dollararam while looking around. I’m usually very leery of what I put on my face from the Dollarama, I thought I’d give these a try. The package claims to “remove blackheads, oil and dirt” and also to “diminish the appearance of large pores.”
Before tax, a box of ten strips costs $2 CAD- this is very cheap, considering Bioré Pore Strips can run upwards of $8 or $9 when on sale.

The box contains 10 individually packaged pore strips. They suggest that they are to be used only every 3 days on the nose- and shouldn’t be used anywhere else on the face. They are to be left on for 10-15 min. (Very similar instructions to the Bioré strips).

As you can see, they look almost identical to the Bioré strips that I reviewed at the start of the year. You place them on wet skin and as soon as they harden you can pull them off, along with all of the gunk in your skin!

After using as directed, I pulled it off with low expectations- but was surprised to see a number of little piles gunk that had come from my nose! The horror!!!

In all seriousness-  I really liked these! It didn’t hurt to take off (I just pulled the skin taught) and took a lot of the gunk I wasn’t able to see, out of my skin. They didn’t leave a sticky residue on my skin and I had no reaction to the adhesive! I will definitely go repurchase these to keep on hand as I am really impressed.

When compared to MY use of the Bioré strips, I found that these worked much better and were only a fraction of the cost! If you’re able to find these, I would definitely recommend them!!

And as a silly bonus: me and my pore strip!

Tools and Tips for the BEST SHAVE EVER!

It’s summer time. Our shorts and skirts are getting shorter as the days get hotter- which means we need to get rid of our leg hair so we don’t scare our friends and family away!

I don’t know about you, but during the winter, I’m usually able to get away with shaving once every week or week and a half- as I’m almost always in pants- or have dark tights on when I wear a dress/skirt, but the summer is a different story. I need to shave about 2X/week. I think the reason for this is because my skin is so fair and my hair is so dark that any little bit of fuzz can be seen a mile away.  I’ve spent years trying to perfect my shaving routine so I can get a better shave, and don’t have to shave as often. Today I’m going to share some of my favorite tips with you! I haven’t thought of these all myself, but many of them I’ve picked up over the last few years and have tweaked to fit my needs! 
1. Exfoliating gloves (or a mechanical exfoliator with rough beads/crystals): Exfoliating before shaving is a step that is mostly overlooked. I think this is the most important step though, because it not only removes the dead skin cells that are stuck to your legs but it also helps to remove any excess oils/debris from around the hair follicle so you are able to get a closer shave and one that lasts longer. These gloves  can be found anywhere and are great for the entire body. I like to use them on my legs whenever I shave, but I’ll also use them all over about 2X a week with my regular body wash (instead of my loofah- you can see it hanging out in the bottom right corner!) which leaves my skin feeling super soft! If you’d rather use a body exfoliator you can do that too! You can either make your own sugar scrub (I mix regular white sugar with my body wash) or purchase one at the store that has a blend of moisturizing oils and a pretty scent.
2. Next you’ll want to use a shave gel or cream. Lately there has been a big craze of people using hair conditioner and other odds and ends they find in their  shower, but I think the best shave comes from using a gel/cream. You’ll want to look for a moisturizing formula even if your skin isn’t dry, because the exfoliation will take away a lot of the moisture naturally found in your skin. I also recommend using a gel that contains Lanolin (as you can see in the picture). Lanolin is a moisturizing oil that is extracted from the fur of sheep. It isn’t a fat, but is very similar to one and therefore has great moisturizing properties for human skin. It’s not harmful, and is used in a number of brands.
3. Now this may seem obvious, but you need a razor (shocking, I know). I am a fan of Venus and the Shick Intuition razors.  I like to change my razor about every 4 shaves- this is equals about every 2 weeks. This may seem excessive, but used razors can harbour bacteria and actually cause more nicks and cuts than a fresh razor as like a knife, they become more dull each time you use it. I used to switch my razor every month or 6 weeks and found that I would cut myself over and over again the older it got. However, since I decided to try and switch it more often, I’ve been noticing few to no cuts/nicks when I shave. I ALWAYS by my razors on sale- especially the Venus, as they can be quite pricy, but I keep on the lookout for sales (I can usually find them for $5.99CAD for 4 razors) and coupons (look online and in any newspaper inserts).
4. After you’ve shaved, you’ll want to moisturize really well. This not only helps your skin “recover” but it always looks better to have a smooth, shiny legs when showing them off. So use your favourite moisturizer and go put on your shortest shorts or your miniest mini and show them legs off!