My Favourite Canadian Online Retailers | Canada 150

Considering it’s Canada’s 150th birthday this year, I thought I should join a club and write a post about some of my favourite Canadian retailers. I am a big online shopper, and like to support local or Canadian when I can! Sometimes it can be really hard, and other times it can be really easy – all depending on what I need to buy! Today┬áI want to share a few of my favourite Canadian retail websites and some of the selection they offer.

Nail Polish Canada


Acrylic Nails | And My Experience

I’ve always struggled with thin, brittle nails. I’ve tried everything. Literally. Treatments. Professional services. Rubber gloves during dishes. You name it, I’ve probably tried it.
I even remember as a kid, painting my nails, waiting for that dreaded hour to ensure they were dry, only to have them chip the next day.