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Winter Skin Savers

Disclaimer: I have been sent these products for consideration and have been in contact with Eden’s Semilla, however all opinions are my own and are unaffected by contact with the company.

The winter always wreks havoc on my skin. Every winter! And every winter I am forced to develop a new routine that will help combat my dry, itchy and dehydrated skin. I think I’ve finally found my 2017 routine and I’m excited to share it!

I generally start in the evening by removing my makeup. I’ve been reaching for a cleansing oil and have fallen in love (again) with the Lou La Belle Enlighten facial cleansing oil! I did have to put it away for the summer as I tend to prefer a lighter product during the warmer months, but in this cold weather Enliven is the perfect addition to my nightly routine. It removes my makeup easily, and with the use of a hot face cloth, wipes away with little residue. My skin is left feeling smooth and moisturized.

I like to follow with a serum or two and have been reaching for the Eden’s Semilla Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C serums. I was contacted by Eden’s Semilia to try these serums and I’m so glad that I’ve had the chance because they are fantastic! I’ve been loving the Hyaluronic acid serum the most; it’s one of the best serums I’ve tried! It’s thin, water-like, unscented and leaves no┬áresidue when it has dried. Unlike other serums that are this thin, there is absolutely no sticky residue left behind. ┬áIt’s strong enough to give my skin the moisture boost it needs, sometimes without the addition of a night cream.

I’ve also been reaching for the Vitamin C serum- usually every other night. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen any immediate effects (as I have felt with the Hyaluronic Acid serum) but I imagine if you’re dealing with aging skin, you would see effects in no time. However, I love the idea of preventative skincare. Choosing items that may not show immediate effects but will have effects in the long term is a great way to take care of your skin without a lot of extra work. If you’re lazy with your skincare, the SINGLE BEST thing you can do for yourself is find a skincare item that has anti-aging ingredients. These ingredients can be simple and common, like Vitamin C, or complex and expensive like DMAE and retinol. These ingredients will all leave your skin looking and feeling years younger than it actually is.

Both serums also contain ingredients like retinol and vitamin E and are a great addition to ANY skincare routine. Maybe you don’t like the thickness of a cream, but need some moisture in your skin- the Hyaluronic Acid Serum is for you! Or, maybe you need an extra boost of anti-aging power- the Vitamin C serum is what you’ve been looking for.

After I’ve finished with my serums, I like to follow up with an extra boost of moisture from the Origins High Potency Night-A-Mins. I’ve talked about this cream before, and I STILL love it. I’m working through my final jar (as it’s not a cruelty-free product) and would love to find a comparable product from a company that is vegan and/or 100% cruelty free.

Additionally, my lips are always dry, and I’ve been loving the Epic Blend More Moisture Cherry lip balm. It’s cruelty-free and it’s one of the best solid lip balms I’ve tried! I have my eye on a few more flavours, and can’t wait to try them! They even have hemp based products and vegan products available!

Hopefully you’ll have discovered a few new products from this post and find a new addition to your routine! If you have any products that you’re loving, leave them below for us to try out!


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