My “Holy Grail” BB Cream | Pixi H2O Skin Tint

BB Cream has never been on my radar. When it was first hitting the Western market (it’s been famous in Europe for years!) I tried the classics- Maybelline Dream BB Cream, Garnier SkinActive BB Cream, and a few others, but all were too orange and offered so little coverage that applying them became a pointless step in my routine.

As I moved away from BB Creams, I started to wear more foundations. Medium/heavy coverage has always been my preference but over time I learned to love those that offered light/medium coverage. As I honed my makeup artistry skills, I learned that concealer and other makeup products can also help to create a flawless look- it’s not all about the foundation. When I started working in a lab (and wearing a face mask daily) I knew that I’d have to find an alternative to my beloved foundations.

Enter BB Cream round 2.

I initially wanted to purchase the Jane Iredale Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream but was turned off solely by the price. While I have tried this before and really love the texture, feel, coverage and finish of this BB, it was wasn’t fitting in my budget at $60 a tube. It has SPF 25 and comes in a great range of shades- including even the lightest porcelain (for gals like me!).

I ended up popping into Shoppers Drug Mart and looking through the selection they had in store. I found the Pixi by Petra stand and started playing with some of the skin tints. Initially, I didn’t even pick up the H2O Skin Tint because it was advertised as a tinted gel (read: no coverage). I ended up trying some on my arm and was pleasantly surprised. It was a medium coverage and was build-able…BUT it also felt like water on my skin. I purchased a tube for around $35 and have been in love ever since (I’m actually on my second tube!).

The product looks like a foundation and can be applied with either a sponge or with hands. For the first few weeks, I only used a blending sponge but I’ve since tried my hands and find that the coverage is even better. It’s almost as if the motion of blending it into the skin releases the pigments. The product feels like a cool drink of water on the skin and leaves a beautiful dewy finish- I can see this being ideal for many mature skins!

Before I apply the H2O Skin tint, I like to start fresh with a primer. I’ve been playing around with The Ordinary’s silicone primer,  and it’s a fantastic primer. It has extended the life of my foundation and seems to really create a barrier between my skin and the BB.  Sometimes, I opt for the Wet n’ Wild PhotoFocus primer and find that both products are similar, but The Ordinarys’ consistently comes out on top.

I like to apply a concealer over my problem areas for a bit more coverage and then follow up with a powder. Setting this tint with a powder gives me all day wear, usually requiring a slight touch up around lunch time to reduce excess shine. I add a bit of blush and follow up with mascara.


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