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Books I’ve Been Loving | & My Audible Wish List

I love books. I always have. Even as a child, I could often be found with my nose stuck in a book. That only changed when I entered university and literally ran out of time to read. If my nose wasn’t in a text book, I was staring into a microscope or scribbling away in my lab notebook. That’s when I found Audible! I do remember hearing tons of YouTubers and bloggers talking about it, and while I was skeptical, once I started, I couldn’t stop!


Tour My Vanity!

As I was tidying up today, I realized that I’ve never shared any of my personal photos here…it’s mostly been photos of product and one or two of me…but today that is going to change.  Being a student, I still live at home and am very grateful to be able to have a place of my own- and today I’d like to share a small piece of it with you!

Over the last couple of years, my interest in beauty and makeup has really grown- and so has my product “collection” (I really don’t like calling it that, but it’ll have to do). Also, working in a cosmetics department, I get a lot of free product from companies. If I know I’m not going to use it, I try to give as much of it away as possible, but sometimes I just gotta have it! Today I wanted to share some photos of my vanity. This is where I get ready every morning and it also acts as a “night stand” as it is beside my bed. I like to keep the top as clutter free as possible so when I need to lay out my makeup I have the room. My vanity is actually a dresser that I found at a re-store in my community and fixed up. It was a lot of fun and I really like the finished product. I like to keep all of my beauty items in here…my makeup, skin care and even a few extras- like my gel nail system, brush rolls and extra makeup bags for travelling!

Here is photo from my personal Instagram showing the original dresser on the left and my restored dresser on the right. As you will see in the following pictures, I’ve changed how I decorate it, but the dresser is still the same! 

This is what it looks like now! Please excuse the wires hanging underneath… I have a small speaker system set up underneath that is usually hidden, but I’m in the process of fixing it, so it’s peeking out! 
This is a hand towel tray that I use as a place to keep all of my essentials and the items that I use on a regular basis- my toner, lip medex, setting spray, deodorant, perfume, moisturizer, foundation (so it’s not laying down in my makeup bag) and even my beauty sponges!

This is the first of my brushes. I like to keep my eye brushes separated from my face brushes so I use repurposed candle jars and vase fillers to hold them. There is a mix of Quo, Real Techniques, Urban Decay and Joe Fresh brushes in there.

This is a lighted mirror that has 3 different light settings (see the next photo). I really like it, the only complaint I have is that it is really short! It’s hard to use it while standing (which is how I do my hair and makeup every day). I usually set it up on a facial tissue box- which makes it the right height for me!

Home: which is more of a yellow light- similar to incandescent bulbs. Work: which is more of a blue light that is supposed to mimic fluorescent lights. Finally there is a daylight setting which is a white light- similar to that from the sun. I often use the daylight setting- as I can see my makeup most clearly.

These are my face brushes. Again, there is a mix of Quo and Real Techniques brushes. I really love all of them, so I like to have them all within an arms reach! Also, I like to keep a pair of tweezers for those pesky hairs or when I’m applying false lashes!

On to the drawers. There are 4 in total, and I tend to use the first two drawers the most.
Drawer 1: Here is where I keep the beauty things I use most often. My makeup bag (see a sneak peak below!), my Naked palette (used daily) and my lip collection. I also keep my cotton pads and swabs in a reused candle jar. And those brown things attached to the knobs? Those are my hair ties! I have no where else to put them to keep them so tidy!

 My everyday makeup bag…

Drawer 2: My hair drawer. Out of all of these things I really only use my hair dryer and flat iron on a daily basis. But I also have hot rollers (the red box in the top left corner) and a curling wand that I use during the warmer weather!

 Drawer 3: This is where I keep all of my makeup that I’m not using every day. The bamboo cutlery tray was a fantastic purchase and helps me to keep all of my makeup organized (although, it is an organized mess!) The pink pouch (a reusable sandwich bag) hold all of my false lashes and the accessories that go along with them! I also keep my perfumes in here when they aren’t in constant use (this helps to prolong the scent).

 Drawer 4: is a mishmash. Here is where I keep my gel nail kit (the orange rimmed thing on the right side), my velcro rollers (worst purchase ever) and my extra makeup bags and brush rolls for travelling. I also keep some self tanners in here, a bottle of iso-propal alcohol for disinfecting and many other odds and ends!

I hope you enjoyed this look inside my vanity- and maybe you’ll get some inspiration from it! If you have any questions, please leave a comment and I’ll respond as quickly as possible!