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My Happy Place…

I love desks. I have ever since I was little. I even have a board on Pinterest dedicated to photos of beautiful work spaces that I’ve come across.  Today I wanted to share mine. I think I’ve finally fallen in love with my workspace- and although it’s not completely functional- it’s quite small when you… Read More My Happy Place…

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What a crazy 3 months….

NOTE: this post is going up long after it was written- as of today (Jan 6, 2014) I will have started my final semester of my undergraduate degree!  This semester at university went by in a flash. I honestly haven’t even lifted my head up until just this last week. For those wondering: I’m in… Read More What a crazy 3 months….

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Tour My Vanity!

As I was tidying up today, I realized that I’ve never shared any of my personal photos here…it’s mostly been photos of product and one or two of me…but today that is going to change.  Being a student, I still live at home and am very grateful to be able to have a place of… Read More Tour My Vanity!