My (Canadian) Winter Essentials

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to share my winter essentials. I know that a lot of YouTube gurus and bloggers have already done this, but for me, winter didn’t really start until January when we got a lot of snow and super cold temperatures. Last week, we maxed out at the lovely temperature of -31 C. I’ve been using a lot of products lately and I’ve noticed that these are the products I’ve been reaching for the most! You’ve seen some of them before, but a few of them are brand new to the blog! Enjoy and let me know in the comments what YOUR winter essentials are!

Mint Julips flavored sugar lip scrub from Lush.

Dermaglow (Canadian made, might I add!) Youth Active Moisturizer. I’m only 20, but it’s never too early to start preventing wrinkles. This is a great first try for anti-aging moisturizer as the “active” ingredient is simply vitamin C. This moisturizer smells like oranges and mango. What could be better?

Stila One Step Correct- a great extra moisture boost before makeup.

My saviour. I’ve had this bottle of hand cream beside my bed for at least 2 years. It has lasted so long and has done my hands and elbows so much good! If you’re able to find this where you live, I would definitely suggest picking up a bottle. It has a thin texture but is very moisturizing and it absorbs really quickly.

EOS (Evolution Of Smooth) lip balm. This is the mint flavour…which is awesome, but I also have Strawberry Sorbet and have had Honeydew and Summer Fruit. I love them all equally. I usually put this on while I’m doing my makeup and then my lip colour over what little bit is left on my lips before I run out the door.
Hand sanitizer. This is a winter must…especially at university. People are dirty. And they have germs and are sick. This never leaves my school bag. I also like to keep one in my purse and even my car for when I’m on the go. This one in particular is from Bath and Body Works- and smells delicious. 

This is another bedside table essential for me. Blistex Lip Medex. I like to wear this to bed because it is so moisturizing that even if I end up sleeping with my mouth wide open (we all do it!) my lips feel great in the morning and won’t crack all day!

You’re probably thinking to yourself, this is the 3rd lip gloss that she has posted…but there is a method to my madness. I like to put different lip glosses on at different times of the day. This one, the Korres lip butter, I like to put on over my lip colour just before I run out the door for class. I have about a 10 minute walk from where I park on campus to the building that my class is in, and this is the only lip gloss that I feel is protecting my lips from the cold, dry air while I’m walking. This gloss is nice and thick and lasts on the lips for a long time! 

Korres Body butter. Love it. That’s all I need to say. 
I hope you enjoyed reading about my winter essentials. Let me know what yours are!

Bedroom Beauty Challenge from Sprinkle Of Glitter

I’m back with a different sort of post today! As I was surfing some of my favourite blogs, I came across this post by Louise (Sprinkle of Glitter). A beauty challenge that allows full creativity? I’m in! I really liked this idea because it’s a great way to find some new makeup looks and also find new blogs to follow! So, without further a-do, here is Louise’s picture (head on over to her blog) and the look that I came up with!

This week’s theme was Vivacious Vixen. I think that this theme will definitely mean something different to everyone. For me, this is what it looks like:
This is my friend Emily. I took this picture while we were trying different makeup looks for her senior prom. Now, I may have cheated slightly on this challenge because I did add makeup and colour in post-editing- however, this is how I originally imagined this look. 
You may be asking yourself, “Why did she choose this look for this week’s theme? Shouldn’t a vixen be the sexy standard- red lips, super smokey eyes etc?” Well, for me, this IS a vixen. To me, the term “vixen” denotes a woman who is comfortable in her own skin. It’s someone who is happy with who she is, and plays up her best features and doesn’t follow the norm. This look is actually quite simple, and some of you may be thinking that it is very “girl next door”, but I think the smokey eyes make the distinction. 
The look started (oddly enough) with NO foundation. We made sure to moisturize Emily’s skin though.  Next, I added black liner (with a black eyeshadow and angled brush) to both top (winged) and bottom lashes. The I curled Emily’s lashes and added mascara. Next I used false lashes to build intensity.  Finally, in post- editing, I added a subtle blush -as Emily didn’t want any for her prom (as she doesn’t usually wear a lot of makeup and didn’t want to look over-done), and a slightly more intense lip colour. 
What do you think of this look? What does vixen mean to you? Do you think you would ever wear this look or parts of it? I’d love to hear your opinion!
*A big thank you goes out to Emily for granting me permission to post this photo!

Products I’m Using (and Loving!) January 2013

Good Evening (or whatever time it is where you are!)

I’ve been planning a blog post for quite a while but have been so busy with school and work (read: life) that I just haven’t been able to get around to writing it- until now! Today I wanted to show you some of the products that I’ve been using lately and give a mini review of each one! A couple of them are very new to me and have only been used a handful of times but others I use everyday and have quickly become favorites! Enjoy!
Korres Body Butter in Guava, Stila One Step Correct, Benefit’s Bella Bamba blush, Revlon ColorStay Foundation, Essie’s Ridge Filling Base Coat, Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation, Lise Watier Waterproof Liner in Raisin Noir

 Lise Waiter is a brand that was developed and is sold within Canada. The brand is based out of Montreal, Quebec. This product was a gratis (free product) from the company. I really like this liner for a number of reasons! It is waterproof, which means that once it is on your waterline, it is there for the day (or night!). Another reason I like this product is because of the color. As you can see in the first picture, it is called “Raisin Noir” or Purple Black (for those non-Frenchies!)- this is such a unique color because it is a dark purple that almost looks black when it is on. I have hazel eyes and find that when I wear this, the green in my eyes seems to stand out more than ever! If you are able to get your hands on one of these liners (RRP in Canada ~$18) try one! They are great quality and have fabulous color payoff!

This is one of THE BEST hand creams I have tried. I found this mini version of the Korres (“Core Rez”) body butter at Sephora shortly before Christmas for a very good deal and decided to try it! It smells great, is super hydrating and non-greasy…it’s perfect for this time of year!

I like to paint my nails but have never been bothered to use a base coat- that is until I found this puppy for $6.99 (in Canada, the Essie brand retails for $12+). It is a great base coat and although I’ve only used it a handful of times, it really does seem to increase the life of my nail polish! It also protects the nails from staining while wearing dark polishes!

A 100 Beauty Insider Points gift at Sephora just before Christmas! A coral colored blush that smells like candy? Yes, please! This blush gives an AMAZING color to the cheeks and can liven up any complexion. This is a great color for warming up the cheeks in the winter, but judging by the beautiful color, it would look great anytime of the year! While it has a little bit of sparkle, it is finely ground and not super obvious when on the cheeks. And, as a great bonus, THIS. BLUSH. SMEELS. LIKE. CANDY. It is absolutely delish. Go find one and smell it. You won’t be sorry! 

I decided to buy this after doing a lot of research- reading reviews and watching YouTube videos- and the consensus seemed to be the same everywhere- that this product is awesome! And it really is. I’ve put this on before class in the morning and have worn it until midnight and it still looks just as great when I take it off as it did when I put it on! The bottle is huge. I imagine that even when using this everyday, a single bottle of foundation would last me a good 4-5 months. The only downside? It smells like paint. After using it a few times, I’ve gotten used to it, but it’s still weird putting a liquid on my face that smells like paint! 

I could not be happier that I decided to purchase this. I had played around with it at work a number of times and have used it countless times while doing makeup on customers and have been so impressed by it. The three colors, peach, lavender and green act to counteract different colors in the skin that make it look less than perfect. The 3 colors are suspended in a serum that gives an extra boost of hydration (great in the winter time) and has “bio available minerals.” I use One Step Correct after my cleanser and moisturizer as a foundation primer. I don’t know if it necessarily helps my foundation to last longer, but it definitely feels great on the skin and helps to correct those pesky red cheeks of mine!

Finally! Rimmel’s Wake Me Up foundation has arrived in Canada. I have seen this raved about on YouTube by gurus in the UK more times than I can count. This arrived at work a while ago and from the moment I saw it, I knew I had to get it! There are so many things I love about this foundation: it smells great (almost citrus-y), it really does make the skin look peppy (great for Mondays, Fridays and super early mornings!) and has a PUMP top! I was beyond excited to find out that this has a pump. There is nothing that annoys me more than having to pour my foundation out of a bottle- but not with this! The coverage is light to medium and doesn’t seem to last overly long (on my skin atleast) but it just feels so good that that really doesn’t even matter anyway! If you can find this foundation, you should try it! You won’t be disappointed!