Plus Size OOTD: Today I’m a Walking Billboard For…

…Gap Inc. No, I haven’t been sponsored- but I did go shopping! During my one day off this week, I was surfing the net looking for some new summer clothing- as I know most of it goes on sale this time of the year (and because I don’t spend enough time outside, I don’t usually buy a lot of summer clothing). I’ve decided that I really like wearing dresses though, so I went to Old Navy’s website and saw that they were having a 30% off everything sale.. and you know me- I LOVE SALES, so I jumped in my car and drove to the store to have a look- and let me tell you. I. GOT. SOME. DEALS. About 45 minutes after I arrived, I left the store with a new pair of sandals, two shirts, and a cardigan for $50. Craziness. The shirt that I am wearing is one from ON and the other one I got is the same style in a plain white color. I really liked the relaxed, slouchy look. After I left ON, I travelled on to our Gap Outlet.

In my small town (read: island), we don’t have an actual Gap store- just an outlet that is still overpriced- where I found this great pair of capris. These weren’t as close to a bargain as the stuff I found at ON, but in the short time I’ve been wearing these, I can see why Gap has become so famous for their jeans. From the second I put them on, I felt like they were my old, comfy jeans that had been around for 50 years. They fit very similar to a boyfriend jean- very loose around the hips and calves (although, I think they are just straight cut). This is the first pair of pants that I’ve had that have had any type of distressing on them as it usually isn’t my style, but I do really like them! I also like that they are very relaxed looking but could also be dressed up with a fitted top and some heels.

When deciding what to wear on my feet I had originally decided on the wedged sandals that I purchased at ON, but eventually decided to go for the flat sandals as I was just going out to have my brows waxed and didn’t see the need to wear heels for that. My jewellery was also very simple- a ring that my parents gave me when I turned 16 and some old earrings that I found lying around.

Top: Old Navy 
Bottoms: Gap Outlet
Sandals: Alfred Sung (last season)

Note: I am not by any means a fashion guru- I’m actually a very boring dresser, but I felt very comfortable and relaxed in my outfit today so I decided to share it with you!

Update and a (Newfound) Love of Face Masks

The lack of posts in the last 5(ish) months is not without cause. Shortly after I started posting I went back to my winter semester of my third year (junior year) of university and my time was spent staring into a microscope, reading textbooks and attempting to keep my head above the flood of school work. I also went through a tough time (and still am) when my dog, Maggie, who has been apart of the family since I was 8, had to be put down suddenly. She became sick, but nothing that the vet expected was too intense, and after about 2 weeks of nonstop trips to his office and tests galore we had to put her down. It was the hardest day of my life. My heart was and still is broken. If you have ever lost a pet or had to make the decision to have a pet put to sleep, my heart goes out to you. It is gut- wrenching pain to watch your beloved animal fall into a sleep they won’t ever wake up from. I think the only thing that has kept me sane is the thought of Rainbow Bridge.

Maggie on our deck, 2010.

Ok, so now that we are all caught up, on to the fun stuff!

As I was putting a mask on my face this morning before jumping into the shower (about 10 minutes before), I was thinking to myself, “why don’t I write a blog post on this lovely mask?” and then I thought, “well, I’ve tried a few different ones, so why not compare them?” So, here I am. I’ll be writing about two masks from The Body Shop, and one mask from Clarins. I tend to stick to the brands that I know, and I’m a big fan of both Clarins, and The Body Shop.

Click here to check it out on The Body Shop website (not an affiliate link)

The first mask that I wanted mention is the Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask. This was one of the first masks that I ever tried and the ladies that work at my local store were very generous in giving me a sample to try! I really liked the sample, so I waited until a good sale and purchased the mask for half price. This mask will run you about $22 full price, but like I said, you can always wait for a good sale! I really liked this mask for a couple of reasons: 1) I have oily skin in the summer and I liked how the mask “cured” on the skin. The mask was thick and slightly moist in the container (make sure you put the lid on tight!) and when it was spread on the skin and exposed to air it dried  to a finish that made it hard to move my face! It reminded me of the “classic” slumber party/girls night mask that we see in movies and on TV. 2) I also really liked what the mask did for my skin. I often used the mask at night or in the evening and found that during the next day my skin was very oily (I just compensated for this by using mineral makeup for the day). However, for about 4 days following this mask, my skin was AMAZING! My pores felt tight (in a good way), my Tzone was rarely shiny, and breakouts were at a minimum! Another point that I want to make: the container this mask comes in is HUGE! I had this mask for over a year (I didn’t use it much during the winter- maybe once every two weeks). I used it about 2X a week during the summer and it lasted me until the first part of this spring. So, if you’re looking an inexpensive mask that gets the job done, look no further!

Click here to see this on The Body Shop website (also not an affiliate link)

The second mask that I tried from The Body Shop was the Tea Tree Face Mask. During the summer of 2011 my skin started to break out very often and I turned to the Tea Tree line from The Body Shop. I LOVED it. I now find it too harsh for my skin, but for teenage and acne prone skin it is a great line and it’s fairly inexpensive if you wait for a good sale (I’m all about the sales- have you noticed!?) I picked this mask up at an “in-between” time. I had just finished my Seaweed Ionic Clay mask and was waiting for my new one to come in from Clarins. I was just looking around the store and found these masks that were sold as a single use packet. I knew that I would be a couple of weeks at least before the Clarins mask would be in, so I decided to give it a try! The single use packet is more than enough to slather this over the entire face and costs $2 (CAD). I think the price is great if you are just looking to try a mask or are wanting to take a mask while you are travelling. If this mask is a frequent staple though, I would suggest buying the larger, multi-use container (which, as the website says is only $15!). I liked the cooling effect of this mask, however, I was very skeptical about it and blasted the sale lady with questions regarding this “feature”. My skin is very sensitive to cooling ingredients. Peppermint, spearmint and usually any other kind of mint makes my skin FREAK OUT! The sales lady assured me that the mask wouldn’t make my skin freak out. And she was right. The cooling sensation, mixed with the gel-like texture of this mask was heaven. This mask isn’t a clay mask- meaning it doesn’t harden on the skin, but stays with a creamy texture! I can’t really say that I noticed a huge difference in the amount of oil on my skin, but just experiencing the feel of this mask was enough for me to go and buy 2 more single use packets. I would suggest that next time you’re out, to pick up one of these and try it for yourself. On hot summer night, the cooling effects of this mask will leave you much more comfortable and probably ready to head to bed!

Last, but not least- the most expensive mask that I have ever tried. Clarins Pure and Radiant Mask with pink clay. Although this mask contains pink clay, it is not your standard, hardening clay mask. This mask is SO creamy and gentle on the skin that it doesn’t harden (even when exposed to air). This mask can be found as part of Clarins Oil Control line. For a 50ml tube, this mask will cost you about $31 CAD. This is a lot. I know. I would like to state that I did receive this mask as part of gratis from the company. This gratis was NOT part of this blog, but a part of my JOB. I work in cosmetics and we are given a gratis directly from the company. I use my gratis to try new products and will sometimes put reviews of them here if I am impressed/unimpressed with them. I will ALWAYS let you know if something was a gift/gratis. 
The reason that I chose to include this mask is because it is amazing. It controls oil (I find it works for about 4 or 5 days) without making the skin feel tight and closing the pores. It is creamy and very easy to work with. Although it is an oil control mask, I feel like my skin has also been hydrated when I remove this mask. I really can’t say enough good things about it. It is great if you have oily, but sensitive skin- as all of the ingredients used by Clarins are plant derived. I have been using this masks about 2 times a week and I can really see a difference in my skin when I use it! I encourage you to find your nearest Clarins counter and talk to the cosmetician and ask for a sample. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!

Disclaimer: none of the links in this post are affiliate links- meaning I DO NOT get paid when you click or purchase items. I just thought I would make it easier for you to find the items online! 🙂 Also, as mentioned above the Clarins mask was a gratis. If you’d like to find out more about what a gratis is and why we receive them, please contact me.


Hello everyone!

I don’t know about you, but there is nothing I love more than coming to the end of a product. Whether it be skincare, hair care, makeup, or even just an everyday item. It sounds weird- especially if I say I like an item and then turn around and say I’m happy to finish it…but there is something else I love. Cracking open a NEW bottle of my favourite face moisturizer or hair spray! I’ve been collecting these items for the last little while and have loved (as you can tell!) all of them! So without further ado….

Elnett Satin hairspray. LOVE it! Go try it if you can. It’s totally worth the price tag.

I spoke about this here.
I received this as a gift (not with the perfume!) but it smelled delicious! I’m not a hugh fan of the perfume, but this body wash smells great!  

Favorite skin care duo. Clarins Energizer line. On the left is a daily fluid moisturizer and on the right is the toner that goes with it. They both smell very citrusy and work like a charm! The best part about these products is that they really aren’t much more expensive than a product from Clean and Clear, but are plant based- and therefor are 100% better for your skin! RRP: lotion: $25 CAD, toner: $15 CAD


I first used this when I received it as a “free gift” from The Body Shop a while back. I have sensitive eyes (who doesn’t? haha) but this works wonders for taking off makeup AND being very gentle. This product isn’t oil free, but doesn’t feel super oily like some eye makeup removers do. I never pay full price for this- as it runs about $16/bottle (yes, call me cheap) but when I can get it on sale, I like to stock up. 

I reviewed these here.
This is a handmade body scrub I purchased at a Christmas craft fair in my town. I didn’t show the bottle, mostly for my own privacy- as the label states where it was made- but you can find sugar body scrubs anywhere- or even make your own!

These are my holy grail products. I love them to death and will repurchase forever. 
Thanks for reading!