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The Trouble With Blogging as a “Side Hustle”


There’s not a whole lot in it for the blogger.

I’m not one to get PR samples. I’m also not making money (although you may see a few ads, they don’t generate much revenue.) I’m not complaining. I’m just saying how it is.

There aren’t a lot of comments- but there are a few readers.

It’s hard working full time, taking online courses (more on that in the future) and trying to maintain some sort of social life.

I’ve also been moving towards a more minimal lifestyle (I’ve explained some of that here). So I’m not buying tons of new products to review. I enjoy curating lists of items that I’m loving and lusting over, but that can only bring a blog so far.

What I’m trying to say is that it’s been a hard road the last few months. I started this blog while I was unemployed and between jobs. I’m now working and trying to further my education (from a Bachelor to a Master’s or PhD) and it’s been hard to fit it all in.

I’m still around, but posts may be far between and less beauty oriented.

Thanks for understanding 🙂