Weeknight Meal Roundup

Cooking during the week can be a pain, and meal planning can lead to boredom. Over the last two years, I’ve really worked hard to find a good balance between planning and staving off boredom. What I’ve found works best for me (and my parents, most times) is to figure out a basic plan for… Read More Weeknight Meal Roundup

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Glossier | Am I On the Bandwagon, Yet?

After Christmas, I finally jumped on the bandwagon and found myself browsing the Glossier website. One of my fave social media Influencers Allana is always raving over the Glossier products. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to try the makeup or skincare first, but found myself drawn to the “Phase 2” set- a combination of… Read More Glossier | Am I On the Bandwagon, Yet?


Netflix | My Favourites & “To Watch” List

Just like every other millennial, I love Netflix. I don’t spend weekends bingeing on shows, but I am more likely to pull up a Netflix show before I would ever turn cable TV on. I’m always on the hunt for new shows/movies to fall in love with and I’ve certainly found some amazing shows/docs/movies in… Read More Netflix | My Favourites & “To Watch” List