The writer behind NatHennessey is  none other than Natalie Hennessey herself. NatHennessey has been designed as a place for beauty lovers, photography lovers and lifestyle blog fans to come together and enjoy their hobbies in a collective space.

NatHennessey was started in 2010 and updated on and off for four years, until Natalie began blogging regularly during the summer of 2014. Since then, Natalie has posted over 100 recipes, reviews, tutorials, and makeup musings. She has taken 1000s of photos (most of which are deleted before they ever reach the light of day) and has honed her skills as a a product photographer. Natalie’s interests include DIYs, makeup and skincare, health and nutrition and sometimes, fashion.

Natalie currently resides in a small, east coast Canadian town with her GoldenDoodle, Huey. She works daily as a a pharmaceutical compounding technician and marketing rookie for a family-owned chain of pharmacies.

When not blogging, Natalie can be found snuggling with Huey, running the roads in her *favourite purchase* (a Nissan Juke), listening to podcasts, all with a camera glued to her hip.

*As a blogger who would like to maintain full transparency with readers, it is my duty to tell you that certain posts have been sponsored and/or feature content which was sent for review. I will always be honest with my readers and will be 100% forthright when posting these types of reviews/comments/products. Additionally, compensation of any kind will not alter my thoughts or opinions on products, services or companies.