Wet n’ Wild Photofocus | Review

It’s always nice to find a drugstore brand that is inexpensive and looks to have a great selection of products, but it’s also the worst to find out that even though the foundation was only $6, it’s crap.

For the last month, I’ve been testing out the new Photofocus line from Wet n’ Wild and I’m ready to share my thoughts with you.

Wen n’ Wild is a brand that has really ebbed and flowed within the beauty world. You might remember the “Walking on Eggshells” palette that everyone just “had to have” or the matte lipsticks that rivalled M.A.C. Wet n’ Wild has been through the “I’m going to try the cheapest thing at the drugstore” to “HOLY GRAIL” status and have really put in an effort become a brand that has a standing at the drugstore and is talked about as often as CoverGirl and Revlon.

The newest products from Wet n’ Wild are aimed at those who want picture perfect skin everyday. The line of primer, foundation, concealer and powder boats no flashback and even skin tone in all pictures. I initially heard about this foundation on YouTube, and being a foundation lover, I just had to try it out. When I finally found the whole line, I decided to pick up the foundation, concealer, powder and after sometime, the primer and setting spray.

I’ve been playing with the primer, powder and setting spray for about 2 weeks and have the foundation and concealer for around a month. I’ve been really impressed with both the powder and concealer but have been having a love/hate relationship with the foundation and primer.

The concealer is beautiful on the skin. It offers a light to medium coverage that is ideal for those that have dry under eyes or might need a bit more coverage around the nose area. I personally find that this has been a fantastic concealer for breakouts. It offers enough coverage (and can be built up, if needed) but also provides lots of hydration for those pesky pimples. I’m not sure that it would be an ideal concealer for those that deal with excessive oil, or for those that want to highlight (even the lightest is slightly dark), but it does a great job of covering light-dark circles. I’ve certainly had to layer it with a slightly more orange concealer to tone down the dark circles, but it layered well and it definitely wears well throughout the day.

The powder does a great job of toning down shine without making the face look completely matte. It provides little to no coverage, but does easily mattify the skin. The powder is pressed and seems to be so finely milled that it is not even visible on a brush. It is possible to go overboard with this powder and make the skin look powdery (and yet, it sill doesn’t look completely matte) but this can be easily remedied via a few dabs with a makeup sponge or a quick spritz of setting spray. The powder seems to last about 8 hours on my skin (combo) and looks shiny by the end of the day, but is, again, easily remedied by another swipe of powder.

Here is where my review gets tough. There are so many reasons I want to (and do) love this foundation: A) it’s VEGAN and cruelty free. It has been SO hard to find a vegan foundation that does not cost an arm and a leg. B) Wet n’  Wild has done a fantastic job with the colour selection- there is something for everyone C) It’s so accessible, cost and user friendly that I want to share it with everyone…BUT here is why it hasn’t been amazing for me: 1) The product looks GORGEOUS on the skin right after application. I’m talking about that Instagram skin that everyone wants. Poreless. Completely flawless. Even tone. But after about 2 minutes, it starts to settle into my pores and become 100% visible around my nose and mouth. 2) The wear-time is iffy. On a good day, I can get 5 hours out of it. I often find it worn off around the bridge of my nose and between my brows, but most horrifyingly, it literally starts to disappear around my mouth. It just disappears completely and settles into my pores, making it visible, additionally, the primer made this worse. I purchased the primer thinking it would prove to be the fix I needed to make this foundation work long-term, but unfortunately it didn’t. The primer itself is nice- it feels very hydrating and doesn’t have that thick silicone feel. I haven’t tried the primer with any other foundation so I can’t comment on that, but I do know that it doesn’t work well with it’s partner foundation on my skin.

The setting spray is nice, the mist is fine and it applies evenly. I do find that it extends the life of my makeup only slightly, though. I wish it gave a bit more wear time, but I’m happy with the small increase it offers. The bottle is quite small as well, which is fantastic for traveling!


All in all, I am impressed with this new line from Wet n’ Wild! Aside from the short wear time of the foundation, I am very happy with the products and will purchase them again! I can see myself playing around with different primers and this foundation in the hopes of finding a perfect pairing, but will continue to wear this foundation on it’s own until I can find that pairing!

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