Multi-masking: What It Is | Why It’s Good for Your Skin

Mutli masking. Sounds weird. And it kind of is- but it can be the busy-girl’s best secret.


Multi masking is great for so many reasons. Maybe you need some oil control through your T-zone and some hydration on your cheeks? Or maybe you need some brightening on your chin, some oil control on your nose and some hydration on the rest of your face. The possibilities are endless!

Multi masking is such a fantastic way to not only save time, but also put different masks to use to create a CUSTOMIZED experience for your skin. This process can be especially useful if you are short on time, are impatient or simply want to treat your skin to a custom treatment.

I often find that while I have excess oil through my T-Zone , my cheeks are dehydrated and lacking moisture (as is my hairline- due to a bad sunburn from years ago). I also get bored while waiting for multiple face masks to dry, so I’ve taken to applying my masks at the same time!

My favourite combination of masks right now is Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask through my T-zone and Clarins Hydra- Quench Cream mask on my cheeks and along my hair line.  The Origins Clear Improvement Mask is a great choice for those who have congested skin- whether it is breakouts below the skin, blackheads or clogged pores. It is best applied to skin that has been steamed (I like to apply after a shower) to increase it’s effectiveness. Clarins Hydra-Quench Cream mask is great for those with dry or dehydrated skin. It can be used as a traditional mask- applied in a thick layer, left to dry and cleaned off- or it can be used as a treatment mask where it is left on for a longer period of time. It’s a fantastic mask for those who get dry skin while travelling and acts as a great over-night treatment during the dry winter months.

If you haven’t tried multi masking, I would highly suggest it! It’s a great way to streamline your skin care routine and reap the most benefits possible!

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