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Trying Something New | I Made a YouTube Video

I have always been fascinated by YouTube. From the time it first started I’ve been addicted; I remember coming home from school (I’m talking Junior High) and  sitting down to watch YouTube videos for HOURS. And this was before the beauty community. If you were to ask me now which videos I used to watch, I can’t even begin to tell you- I’m not really sure!

With my love of YouTube came my want (read: need) to make my own videos. I even asked for a Flip Ultra HD for Christmas one year. I started by making music videos with my friends, then moved on to creating card making videos (yes, that is a whole WORLD on YouTube). I even went through a phase of creating my own music for YouTube. Finally, I began trying to make beauty and lifestyle videos. My content changed with my personal interests. If I was interested in KWernerDesigns, I was making card videos. If Tyler Ward was my favourite, I was creating music and trying to “record” and post it.  As you can see, my want to create content has always been there, but I often didn’t post the videos I made. They would be filmed, edited and even uploaded, but never set to public (or if they were, they weren’t shared!). I’m not sure why I never shared my videos- I imaging it’s the same reason I never shared my blog with family and friends until recently- lack of confidence and willingness to put myself out into the world!

But today I’m trying something new; a video! I shot this video on my iPhone and worked hard to make it something that would be interesting and helpful to those of you who might be watching. You can find the video here



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