12 Days of Christmas

Last Minute Party Makeup- 12 Days of Christmas, Day 1


We’ve all been there- getting an invite to a party at the last minute…what to wear? What should I do with my hair? What about my face?

If you’ve ever been in that situation, then I’ve got you covered! This is a super quick and really easy look that can be completed in about 10 minutes (or less!). This is a very simple, yet classy look for any type of holiday event. The key to this look is using neutral tones on the eyes and throwing in a bright lip. Any bright colour will do! Do you like red? Rock it! What about pink? Pick it!


  1. I’m a complexion girl, so I always start with my favourite foundation (starting with foundation also gives it an opportunity to set into the skin)
  2. Next, I prime my eyes (the Nars Smudge Proof eyeliner has been my go-to lately)
  3. Choose a colour that is a few shades darker than your skin tone, and buff through the crease
  4. Follow that with a wash of a light colour all over the lid (in this case I used Stila “Kitten”)
  5. Buff a darker colour (usually dark brown) through the outer 1/3 of your eye. This step can be messy, because you will tidy it up concealer.
  6. Apply and blend in concealer.
  7. Set  foundation and concealer with powder.
  8. Draw on winged eyeliner with liquid, gel or powder
  9. Line water line and tight line with black kohl
  10. Add lots of mascara
  11. Blush, bronzer and highlight
  12. Bright lips- this is really the key to looking polished! Whatever colour you are comfortable in, this is the time to rock it!


Do you have a go-to look for holiday parties? I’d love to see it! Tag me, @NatHennessey on Twitter or Instagram!

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