Podcasts I Keep on Rotation

I love podcasts. I will talk about my favorites to anyone who will listen. I’ve written about my favorites before, you can read that post here, but I’ve found a few more to add to my list!

My Old Favorites:

Stuff You Should Know

Someone Knows Something

Under The Influence

Radio Lab (I still pick and choose the episodes that interest me)

New Favorites:

On Drugs– All about drugs, both legal and illegal, and the implications their use has on society and the people that live in it. Also interesting to hear about the science behind many of today’s most commonly abused drugs

Criminal – SO GOOD. Hosted by Phoebe Judge the podcast tells the stories of different crimes. There are interviews, reenactments and the whole program is very engaging. I always have to play these episodes twice because they are so information heavy!

Other People’s Lives: In this podcast, the hosts speak with people who identify as having “odd” hobbies, sexual interests or lives. It’s essentially a chance to hear from those people who want the world to know that they are normal, but may have an odd “interest.” The show has featured an escort who is also a mom, a man who likes to cuddle strangers while naked and a whole host of other people who live out of the ordinary lives. I especially loved hearing from two people who believe the Earth is flat (and who refused to acknowledge one of the two hosts!) I love that the hosts are open and kind when interviewing, but aren’t afraid to ask the questions we are all hoping they would ask. They share their personal opinions but do so in a respectful and appropriate way.

The Nutrition Diva’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Eating Well and Feeling Fabulous: The name is too long, but the episodes are short. Host Monica Reinagel (Rye-nagle) shares research and answers nutrition’s hottest questions. Episodes are usually less than 10 minutes and include topics like “Should You Eliminate Oil From Your Diet?” and “Is Nonstick Cookware Safe?”…great information that is well researched and eloquently presented.

The Basement Yard: Hosted by Joe Santagato of YouTube fame, this is one podcast I always look forward to! It’s definitely not for kids and some of the topics discussed are a little edgy, but Joe and his friends are quite funny and produce an entertaining show. If you’re 25 and enjoy listening to conversations between people of the same age, this is likely a show you’ll enjoy!

Story-Based Podcasts:

These podcasts are solely based on fictional stories and are often released episode by episode- think of them as TV shows on the radio! There are different actors, situations and they are often made to sound like a news story or podcast presented by a radio station.

Limetown – an older podcast (originally from 2015) but with a second season being released in 2018. It’s a fantastic story and a story that will leave you wondering what-in-the-hell you just listened to! You can listen to this story online, here.

S-Town– Released in early 2017, S-Town is from the producers of Serial- and is sort of like Serial, but a behind-the-scenes look at the research. It is of course, fictional, but follows a reporter who is asked to investigate a crime in a small town. It’s wonderfully written and directed, and I really hope there will be another season coming soon!

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