Weeknight Meal Roundup

Cooking during the week can be a pain, and meal planning can lead to boredom. Over the last two years, I’ve really worked hard to find a good balance between planning and staving off boredom. What I’ve found works best for me (and my parents, most times) is to figure out a basic plan for the week, prep the bigger items on Sunday, and then cook the majority of our meals when we get home from work. I find cooking to be relaxing and I enjoy nonchalant nature of cooking (which I’m sure is coming from my day job of compounding!)  I’m always one to try new recipes and have collected a list of family favorites! Today, I’m sharing what we’ve been loving and what recipes are on a regular rotation in the Hennessey kitchen!

Oven Fajitas

I’m a major fan of Mexican meals, so tacos and fajitas are always in rotation. We really like this recipe for oven fajitas and I’ll often prep the chicken and veggies in a freezer bag on Sunday. This allows them to marinate for at least 24 hours before we cook them. When I get home from work I can turn the oven on, pour the bag onto a cookie sheet and bake as directed! This recipe from Budget Bytes also shares a great mixture for your own taco seasoning! I r.e.f.u.s.e. to buy a packet of seasoning for $1, when I can make a cup of the seasoning for about $1-2!

I serve this with fresh pico de gallo and a dollop of plain greek yogurt.

Taco Bowls

There is no recipe for this one! Simply take all of the ingredients in a taco, and layer it in a bowl. I’m partial to omitting the classic beans and rice to make a low-carb version, but you can always opt to keep the beans and rice.

One luxury I love with taco bowls is purchasing shredded lettuce. It sounds crazy, I know! But having lettuce that is shredded and not chopped makes the world of difference!


During the cooler months, we also love a bowl of chili. Fun fact..last winter I took this chili for lunch for an ENTIRE month. It’s that good!  We use this recipe, with a few alterations. We generally omit the parsley, jalapeno, oregano, tomato JUICE, kidney beans and pinto beans (replaced). We add 1 large can of black beans (no salt added) and 2 cans of beans with molasses (my parents like the sweetness this adds to the recipe). We also add a whole tetra-pack of tomato sauce (around 910ml). This recipe is a family favorite and is always a hit at potlucks! Generally, we like to top a bowl of this chili with a dollop of plain greek yogurt and some chopped green onion.

Teriyaki Chicken and Rice Casserole

This recipe is always a hit and makes use of a homemade teriyaki sauce (which reduces sugar and salt content over store bought). Although I’ve edited the sauce a bit, this recipe has been made the same since it’s joined our rotation! For the teriyaki sauce, I tend to use only 1/4 cup of soy sauce and 1 cup of water as I find it too salty otherwise; And although the pineapple sounds odd, I promise, it’s delicious!

Homemade Pizza

Pizzas have become a weekly occurrence in our kitchen! Our favorites have a base of naan bread, thin crust (store-bought) or a Keto pizza base (like this one). We load them up with veggies and lean sources of protein. Personally, I’m a huge fan of salsa, chicken, spinach and some goat cheese! We also love making BBQ Chicken pizzas with rotisserie chicken, BBQ sauce, red onion, green pepper and mozzarella cheese! I feel like this is a great way to get extra veggies and I often enjoy my pizza with a salad.

Homemade Nachos

Again, I like the Mexican flavors! Nachos usually consist of a base of corn chips (the good ones, generally from the natural food section) and tons of veggies. Sometimes I’ll add a bit of ground beef or chicken, but veggie nachos are just as delicious! I always serve with plain Greek yogurt and salsa.


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