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Glossier | Am I On the Bandwagon, Yet?

After Christmas, I finally jumped on the bandwagon and found myself browsing the Glossier website. One of my fave social media Influencers Allana is always raving over the Glossier products. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to try the makeup or skincare first, but found myself drawn to the “Phase 2” set- a combination of their top 3 items! The Phase 2 set includes their Strech Concealer, Boy Brow, and Generation G Matte Lipstick- all of the daily makeup essentials.

The site allows the buyer to choose their unique shades and decide which options would be best for their skin tone, hair color, and needs. The kit is $50 CAD and saves you $9-$12 over purchasing the items separately.

Generation G lipstick is a sheer, yet matte lip color. It removes the need for lining and blotting and is very user-friendly. I chose the shade Jam (based on this video from Allana). The shade is beautiful and very wearable, but I find the lipstick drying and very pigmented (though Glossier claimes a “dialed-down pigment load”.) I’m not much of a matte girl… I tend to reach for luster or satin shades that also provide a bit of moisture and a sheer wash of color. I was hoping this lipstick was going to convert me, but sadly it didn’t live up to my expectations. The lipstick has great staying power and I think would be a big hit for those who like matte shades.

Boy Brow eyebrow tamer is one of Glossier’s most raved about products. It claims to fluff, fill and shape unruly brow hairs into place. The formula was designed along the premise of a hair pomade- one that doesn’t create stiff and waxy hairs, but instead leaves hair soft, yet held-in-place. The Boy Brow is offered in 4 shades- blonde, brown, black and clear. I chose the brown tone and it’s a perfect color for me. I have very dark brows (darker than my hair) and often struggle to find a color that matches both my hair and brows. Boy Brow has been a great addition to my daily routine. Every evening when I get home from work, I’m always surprised to see my brows still in place. I don’t fill them in, I just groom them with the Boy Brow and they always look the same in the evening. In the past, I’ve either used the Essence Brow Tamer or hairspray on a spooley- and both have worked great! I love trying new brow tamers, but I don’t know that I would repurchase the Boy Brow… I just don’t think it suits MY needs! Perhaps if I struggled with thin brows and had to draw them in daily, I might feel differently, but I’m just not sure that Boy Brow beats my hairspray! My mom, however, LOVES Boy Brow. Her brows are very light and almost disappear when she has nothing in them to add color. She looks fantastic with her brows darkened, so I think I’ll pass this gem on to her!

The third item that is included in the Phase 2 set is Glossier’s Stretch Concealer. Stretch is a creamy, sheer concealer that can be used on both blemishes and under the eyes. The light color (which I have) leans a slight bit salmon, so it’s a wonderful way to counteract those bluish/purple under eye bags. The concealer is very thin and quite emulsive- it’s almost oily! It covers well and dries down to a natural finish. I like this for facial concealing and for days when I’m not struggling with blue under my eyes.  The Stretch Concealer is a fantastic product, and I can see myself re-purchasing this!

Lastly, I bought Glossier’s Wowder. Wowder claims to reduce dewy-ness on the skin without leaving it flat or matte. It has no flashback and is a sheer-finish powder which offers little coverage but blurs the look of pores. If you struggle with fine lines, Glossier claims Wowder won’t settle or cake into those lines. I’m a big fan of Wowder. I was skeptical at first, but it offers great setting powers and has been a wonderful addition to my morning makeup routine! It doesn’t make my skin look dry and definitely does not cling to any dry patches! If you’re on the hunt for a setting powder, Wowder is my recommendation!



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