Lessons from 2017

Now that 2017 has come to a close, I’ve taken some time to reflect on the year and what I have learned. 2017 brought both laughter and tears. It taught me lessons that I wanted to learn, and those that I didn’t want to learn. It taught me what life is like as an ‘actual adult’ and 2017 taught me that not all decisions are simply black & white.

  • Food has always been a struggle. I’ve always been overweight and in 2017 I decided to seek out a Naturopathic doctor to help me figure out why. Aside from the standard reasons of too large portion sizes and having an addiction to sugar, I also learned a lot about the EMOTIONAL WHY. The media is so full of ideas. Eat this way. No, eat that way. Eat like a vegan until supper time. I feel like I’ve tried it all. And it’s all lead to a negative relationship with food. I was thinking too much. I was choosing foods based on what I was told to eat- not what my body wanted. Working with my ND, I learned that eating fat, fibre and protein is GOOD for my body. Fat is not something to shy away from, and adding it into my diet means that I likely won’t have an urge to eat all of the refined carbs that I’d become used to. I’m not perfect. I still eat sugar….and I still love it. But I finally feel like I’ve found peace with my eating. I no longer stand with the fridge door open and wonder if I “should” eat something. Instead, I listen to what my body wants. If it wants a pizza, then I’ll make a healthy one. If it wants a smoothie full of goodness, it can have it. Peace with food has taken me 25 years and I’m so happy to finally be here and continue on my journey!


  • I love cooking. Being in the kitchen is my happy place. Discovering new recipes and pleasing friends and family with delicious food is what makes me happy.


  • I’ve always been the “science kid.” I chose science over band when I was going into high school and all of my electives were science based at university. I never really considered arts & writing as part of my studies; But what I learned in 2017 is that I have a really great creative side. I’m a great writer (blogging is a hobby, but I’m much better at copywriting for websites and marketing campaigns) and I love to use my creativity with my love of science. I’ve learned how to write copy for marketing campaigns involving science and pharmacy. I’ve been working on a website with my employer and have had a fantastic time writing copy for the final draft. ┬áIn 2018, I’d like to continue stepping outside of the box and continue to seek out opportunities to write copy!


  • 2017 has also taught me that no amount of stuff can make me happy. Sure, it’s nice to have a new purse or new shoes, but in the end, it’s all just stuff. Life is easier when you don’t need to chose between 15 different pairs of shoes every morning. Having a few, great things that make me happy is all that I need!


  • Create a beautiful space to surround your life. This space should be beautiful to you. Not Pinterest or Instagram. It should bring peace and happiness. You should be OK with feeling vulnerable here. This is a space to bring you calmness.

Other tidbits from 2017:

Drink water. Lots of it. All the time.

If you’re not happy with someone, tell them why and work it out.

Live life OFF of your cell phone. Yes, it’s nice to have an Instagram worthy life, but what are you missing while trying to get the perfect shot?

Listen to those around you. Ask opinions & questions and actually LISTEN to the answers. You might find that some of the people you’ve always just tolerated are great thinkers, believers and teachers.

And finally,

Even though we are supposed give without receiving or expecting, sometimes you need to STOP giving and START expecting. This doesn’t mean that you only give when you get…but stop giving if you are NEVER getting. Not just gifts, either. Help. Time. Money. Love. It’s all currency and should be exchanged equally among friends and family.

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