Things I No Longer Buy | Working with Minimalism

The further I delve into the world of minimalism, the more I realize how many “extras” I have kicking around. Trinkets, gifts, products and junk that I JUST DON’T NEED. Through my life I’ve gone through phases of both wanting to keep only the things I love and conversely, keeping everything I can get my hands on. The more I think about it and the further I dive into myself and my surroundings, I realize that I am just a HAPPIER person when I don’t have a bunch of stuff around me and when I have extra spending money. Here is a list I things I just don’t buy anymore (because they aren’t necessities)

Body Scrubs/Face Scrubs

I used to LOVE a good body scrub/face scrub. Whether it be sugar or bead based- I loved it! However, I’ve found that I love and get a much better exfoliation from a pair of exfoliation gloves. They are multi-use and last a whole lot longer than a scrub. I tend to use theses on my body only, but if used gently, they are 100% safe for the face! Additionally, they aren’t full of chemicals and don’t pollute our water ways (I’m not a hippie, I promise!) For my face, I tend to use a face mask that contains a natural acid- like AHA or BHA once to twice a week and this does a great job of removing any flaky skin. It also keep my skin glowing and reduces the need for yet another product in my shower.

Air Fresheners/ Sprays

While my family still purchases these from time to time, I no longer use these in my space. Instead, I asked for an essential oil diffuser for my birthday and have been using my favourite essential oils to purify and scent my space. You’ll find that your body and mind are much happier with essential oils over heavy fragranced sprays any day! My favourite is grapefruit for a beautiful, uplifting scent, and a heavier, creamier vanilla or lavender for a more relaxing scent.

Laundry Detergents and Household Cleaning Products from Companies Who Test on Animals

I’ve talked before about my plans to go cruelty free- and the easiest switch to make (and I think one of the more important) is household products. I have chosen to make this switch for a couple of reasons, but mostly because using these products makes me HAPPY. I don’t feel guilty and I know that I’m supporting a company who CARES. My choice has been Method (but I’m always willing to try new brands) because they supply everything from toilet cleaner all the way to (aerosol free) room sprays and laundry detergent. Keep in mind that you will need to splash out extra cash for most of these brands, but it’s so worth it (and always look for sales!).

Makeup Palettes

I love(d) makeup…and now it’s more of a necessity than anything. I still love looking nice and putting my best face forward, but I got so tired of the hundreds of eye shadow palettes, lipsticks and foundations that were being pushed at me from all directions. I still HAVE makeup palettes and I still wear foundation, blush, mascara and lipstick everyday but I NO LONGER BUY palettes or even multiples of products I already have. While choice is great for some, having less is more FREEING for me.

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